MICROS Point of Sale Solutions

Complete Point of Sale and Property Management solutions for the restaurant, hospitality and retail industries. MICROS Systems Inc is the world's largest Point of Sale company and a leading developer of enterprise applications. With over 330,000 restaurant installations worldwide, they provide solutions for table & quick service restaurants, hotels, retailers and the entertainment industry.

Micros e7

MICROS e7 Series Point of Sale (POS) system combines the reputation and reliability of MICROS hospitality technology with a price suitable for table service and quick service restaurants, delis, sandwich shops, nightclub/bar establishments, and more. MICROS e7 combines an all-in-one MICROS Workstation 5 with a powerful embedded software application based on the Microsoft Windows CE .NET operating system.

The MICROS e7 functionality which manages guest checks, staff productivity, menu offerings, and restaurant operations easily and economically; delivers the following benefits:

- Reduce Labor Cost
- Prevents Loss
- Increase Efficiency
- Improves reporting
- Enables Flexibility
- Optimized Hardware
- Provides Return on Investment

Mobile Micros

From the outdoor deck to the coziest corner booth, the downstairs lounge to the rooftop bar, and in-seat ordering at sporting events, Mobile MICROS handheld technology allows you to service your customers wherever they are enjoying your hospitality.

Our technology gives you and your staff the ultimate flexibility in providing excellent, immediate service that translates into increased operating efficiencies, greater profits, and an enhanced guest experience.

Micros eSolutions

Whether you're running an individual restaurant or multiple outlets globally, MICROS eSolutions are a simple, powerful, single point of integration to manage every aspect of your operation; anytime, anywhere.


Business Intelligence

- Robust data warehouse
- Comprehensive reporting engine
- Hosted business intelligence solution


Customer Loyalty

- Customer relationship management
- Reward and recognition programs
- Gift cards


Stock Control

- Cumulative and daily reporting
- Details of stock on hand and used
- Complete overview of purchases

Micros Property Management Solutions

Your front desk often makes the difference between 'never agains' and 'long-term relationships.' The OPERA Property Management System (PMS) is designed to meet the varied requirements of any size hotel or hotel chain. OPERA PMS provides all the tools your hotel staff needs for doing their day-to-day jobs; handling reservations, checking guests in and out, assigning rooms and managing room inventory, accommodating the needs of in-house guests, and handling accounting and billing.

Key Features:

Reservations - features are integrated with other functionality such as profiles, cashiering and deposits. This property management software module provides a complete set of features for creating and updating individual, group and business block reservations, including deposit handling, cancellations, confirmations, wait listing, room blocking and sharing.

Rate Management - an extensive set of features for setting and automatically controlling rates, for rate quotation, and for revenue forecasting and analysis to create the most comprehensive rate management system in the industry. OPERA's Property Management Systems interface with OPERA Revenue Management Systems and other major yield management applications.

Profiles - complete demographic records for guests, business accounts, contacts, groups, agents and sources. Profiles include addresses, phone numbers, membership enrolments, stay and revenue details, guest preferences and additional data that make reservations handling and many other activities faster and more accurate.

Front Desk - handles individual guests, groups and walk-ins, and has features for room blocking, managing guest messages and wake-up calls, and creating and following up on inter-department advisories, or traces.

Back Office Interface - revenue transfers, market statistics transfers, daily statistics transfers, and city ledger transfers can be easily made from OPERA Property Management System to a back office system.

Rooms Management - handles all facets of room supervision including availability, housekeeping, maintenance and facility management. The Queue Rooms feature of the property management software coordinates Front Office and Housekeeping efforts when guests are waiting for rooms which are not immediately available for assignment.

Cashiering - posting guest and passer-by charges (including taxes and other generates), making posting adjustments, managing advance deposits, settlements, checkout and folio printing are a few of the many activities handled by OPERA Cashiering. Cashiering accommodates multiple payment methods per reservation including cash, check, credit cards and direct bill. In multi-property environments, guest charges can be cross-posted from any property in the hotel complex.

Accounts Receivable - fully integrated with the OPERA Property Management System database and includes direct billing, invoicing, account aging, bill payments, reminder and statement generation, and account research. Old balances from external accounting systems may be entered.

Commissions - calculates, processes and follows up on travel agent and other types of commission payments, either by check or via EFT.

Reporting - over 360 separate standard reports. Reports can be customized for each hotel and new reports may be created as needed using OPERA's built-in Report Writer.

Fully Configurable - choice of OPERA features, system behaviours and priorities, and system-wide defaults are controlled by the property. User permissions determine which property management software features may be accessed by each user and user group. Many OPERA screens may be customized by the property.

Global Perspective - supports multi-currency and multi-language features to meet the requirements of global operations. Rates and revenues can be dynamically converted from the local currency to any other currency. The appropriate language for guest correspondence can be automatically determined by the guest's profile language; country-specific address formats are supported.

Hospitality System Interfaces - OPERA PMS includes interfaces to hundreds of third-party hospitality systems including yield management, telephone and electronic switching, TV and video entertainment, key lock, restaurant POS, activities scheduling, minibar, and wake-up call systems.

OPERA Xpress - OPERA Xpress offers a scaled-down edition of our property management systems for smaller properties or properties offering limited services. Based on the core OPERA property management software product, properties may choose the features they want from a menu of product options.

Intuit Quickbooks Point of Sale Pro

QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro (QuickBooks POS Pro) is an advanced point of sale, inventory control, customer tracking, and reporting program designed for effective management of retail stores. As a retailer orders, receives, and sells merchandise, inventory quantities and costs are instantly updated.

At a glance, a retailer can view item quantities on hand and on order, review costs, prices and margins, and view detailed reports on sales activity. QuickBooks POS enables a retailer to track customers and use the resulting purchase history information to customize promotions, marketing materials, and mailings.

QuickBooks POS Pro has Multi-Store capability, allowing a retailer to manage and share data for up to 20 stores. Within a single store, up to 20 networked workstations can run the program simultaneously.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a name given to any number of methods used to electronically display multimedia content. These systems, alternatively known as dynamic or electronic signage have been rapidly expanding on a global scale. These networks of signs can be deployed across hotels, retail chains, travel hubs and offices to deliver informative advertising and entertaining content to capture specific audiences and passers by.

The benefits of digital signage over static signs are clear. Content can be easily modified, animations or videos can be shown and advertisements can be adapted to a specific audience; all of which would enable you to build brand awareness, enhance your environment and influence customer behaviour.

Interactive Signage

Take your traditional advertising to a whole new level and interact with your customers like never before. These touch-screens provide them with an unforgettable experience, allowing them to easily access content at their fingertips.

Our interactive touch solutions give the customer a sense of empowerment by letting them view content that appeals specifically to them. Interactive solutions are useful in any environment; information screens at hotel lobbies, shopping mall directories or store locators, product guides in retail stores, healthcare, campus or corporate way finding systems are just a few examples.

Digital Menu Boards

Change your menu selection, featured items, and pricing throughout the day to better match what guests are looking for. Promote in-store marketing campaigns, customer loyalty programs, branding packages or simply entertain customers while they wait in line.

Quick changes can also be made to take advantage of a particular situation. For example, warm coffee can be featured on a rainy day, or promote a national event such as congratulating the local football team on a win.

These systems can also be interfaced with your Point-of-Sale so that menu and price changes on the back-end POS will also be reflected on the menu boards.

Touch Window

Turn your storefront into an interactive screen! This eye catching bit of technology turns your regular glass shop window into a touch-screen; creating instant interactivity between your customers and the shop, even when it is closed. Using an attractive graphical interface, customers can touch the shop window from the outside and browse a store catalog or leave feedback information.


- Display products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
- Update your shop catalog over the Internet
- Display a range of content using flash, power-point, html, video
- Allow instant changes of content to react to local events and competitions
- When your shop is closed, allow customers to leave messages or feedback
- Advertise additional services
- Absolute eye catcher

Content Design

Content is key. Having the right hardware setup is just half of the solution. Use dynamic content to effectively disseminate information and improve the overall impact of your message.

Our team of designers and professionals will work closely with you to ensure that your content is not only engaging and eye-catching, but also well placed, relevant and frequently updated.

Content Hosting & Management

We offer a centralized hosting and management package for customers wanting to eliminate the hassle of constantly monitoring and managing their content. Hosting is based on a low cost monthly or annual payment plan that is ideal for those looking to avoid upfront expenditure associated with software and hardware.

Navori Signage Software

A comprehensive management system designed to organize, deliver, playback and support your digital signage network

NAVORI International has been providing digital signage software solutions for more than 12 years and in over 30 countries. NAVORI software allows for easy signage management from a single display to hundreds or thousands of displays across the globe.

Key Features

- Manage players or screens in groups and sub-groups
- Import and schedule your content to play at designated time slots or frequency
- Unlimited number of play-lists that loop continuously for a given period. Display play-lists once or repeat daily, weekly, monthly
- 35 native file formats supported. No conversion required
- Zoned media playback (Mosaic). Draw each zone directly on screen or enter coordinates manually. Zoning allows you to divide your screen into sectors and simultaneously display different content in each zone
- Save energy costs and potentially double the life of your screens buy putting your screens into a low-power mode
- Monitor and view health status of your screens and players

Agility has been a licensed Navori distributor since 2009.

Samsung LFD Solutions

MagicInfo | MagicInfo Pro | MagicInfo i | MagicInfo VideoWall

MagicInfo gives you WAN connectivity, support for multiple content servers, automatic updating, remote management and more. Schedule and control how your content is displayed with just a few clicks.

Touch Screen

Samsung's unique integrated touch screen solution allows for convenient set-up and enhances the user experience.

Samsung ID

More than just a video wall. This "Lego brick" design allows for screen layouts of limitless shapes and sizes.

Outdoor Solution

All-in-one outdoor display solutions built for durability.


More than just a vending machine. Samsung's interactive uVending solution can tell you when your inventory is running low, which product is the most profitable and even alert you if it is being vandalized.

Samsung PROM

An integrated content-management solution for digital signage that allows users to change content in real-time based on measured audience characteristics such as size and demographics. Samsung PROM automatically detects and tracks viewers' faces captured by a high-resolution camera and changes content accordingly.

Samsung UD

Produce larger-than-life images with these high resolution video walls

Interactive Whiteboard

Electronic whiteboards ideal for the corporate or education environment

Graphic Design

How you present your business to your chosen market is fundamental to its success. Our range of marketing products and professional services allow you to stay up to date with the most current web design and graphic trends that will clearly communicate your brand and get your business noticed.

Our services extend to the following:

Corporate Identity

  • Company logos, Business cards, Letter heads

Promotional Literature

  • Brochures, Flyers, Press ads, Banners, General signage

Corporate Literature

  • Annual reports, Newsletters, Handbooks

Online Services

  • Website development & redesign, Online marketing, Email marketing, Social media integration, Overall brand development

Networking Solutions

Cabinets | Fiber Optic | Copper | Raceway | Grounding | Cameras | AV Components | Media Converters |Wireless | Switching | Testers

We offer complete Structured Connectivity Solution design and implementation services from simple to enterprise level architectures. These services range from alarm & security systems, audio & video connectivity, fibre-optic, switching & wireless, telecommunication & PBX systems. Our products meet and exceed industry standards such as UL, CSA, TIA and our warranty levels provide you with that peace of mind and confidence that will surpass your expectations.

Application Development


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